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How to Remove Carsickness Quickly?


Usually go out to play or see friends, the most frightening thing is to take a car, because it is easy to get sick, and then give some suggestions to friends who can get sick, some of them are personal experience, some of them are friends'opinions.

1.You can't ride empty stomach, but you can't eat too much before you ride.Must not empty stomach to ride, is the easiest carsickness, so before the ride to eat full, but not too full, otherwise gastrointestinal peristalsis digestion, more likely to produce carsickness.

2.Drink vinegar with warm water before driving Drinking proper amount of vinegar warm water before driving can effectively avoid carsickness.

3.Keep a happy mood and chat with people Don't be too nervous, relax and try to chat with others to remove the psychological barriers of car sickness.

4.Change your seat and lie down to sleep When sitting in a car, try to fix your head on the seat. Don't sway around, which can easily lead to dizziness. If you can, tilt your seat so that you can lie down and sleep. It's better than anything to prevent carsickness.

5.Girdling waist to alleviate carsickness Choosing waist-tied clothes to go out can reduce visceral shock and reduce carsickness. If there is no waist-tied clothes, you can take off your coat and tie it to your waist.

6.Buy the right medicine for carsickness Many people do not know some tips to prevent carsickness, so the most common is to buy carsickness medicine, but to know that carsickness medicine is different, carsickness medicine time is different, so according to their travel time to buy suitable carsickness medicine.

7.No mobile phone, no newspapers and magazines Car sickness can be easily caused by not playing with mobile phones or reading newspapers and magazines. (There are many bus stations nowadays, people often ask if they want to buy newspapers and magazines. Don't buy them, even if it's boring. Of course, if you don't get sick.)

8.Smell ginger slices with orange peel to alleviate carsickness Many people say that if you get carsick, you can sniff ginger slices or orange peel. It can relieve the symptoms of carsickness. That's right, but not everyone will use it. I don't think it's practical. Do you have to sniff and smell ginger slices of orange peel in your hand all the way?

9.Shangshi Analgesic Ointment Applied to Navel Before sitting in the car, you can paste Shangshi Analgesic Ointment on the navel to prevent carsickness, which has obvious effect. (You can also slice ginger on Shangshi Analgesic Ointment and then paste it on the navel, the effect is better.)

10.Front seat and window seat When riding, you'd better sit by the window. If you feel sick, you can open the window and breathe fresh air. It'll feel much better. You can also sit in front of you. If you can, you'd better sit in the side seat. But by the window, don't look at the scenery flying outside the window. It will make your head more dizzy.

11.Wind Oil Essential Carsickness Prevention When you go out for a ride, you must remember to bring the wind oil essence. When you feel sick, you can take the wind oil essence to smell or wipe a small amount of it in the temple and Fengchi acupoint, which can effectively alleviate the car sickness. (The temple is basically everybody knows where, as for Fengchi acupoint, make up a small picture.)

12.Acupoint pinching with thumb to alleviate carsickness Carsickness can be effectively alleviated by pinching the thumb at Neiguan or Hegu (the point between the thumb and the index finger that we usually pinch with headache and stomachache). (For the small compilation of Neiguan and Hegu points, it's better to have a map.)

13.Chewing gum and ice drink to prevent carsickness Buy a box of chewing gum (preferably mint flavor) and a bottle of ice beverage before boarding the car. Xiaobian accidentally found that it is effective for carsickness. He can chew gum. The taste of chewing gum can also mask the unpleasant smell in the car and make people feel refreshing. (Remember mint). But chewing gum will inevitably lead to thirst, so he bought ice water to quench thirst. Ice water and refreshing gum will be more refreshing. The whole person will be more comfortable. But don't chew too much, drink too much, don't forget you are in the car.