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Baby Cough Severe Small Tricks, Baby Cough Phlegm How To Do?


Recently, with the gradual cooling of the weather, the number of babies has increased. "The baby's symptoms are mostly fever, cough and phlegm. Some babies have bronchitis and pneumonia. Respiratory tract infection is prone to complications, serious myocarditis or brain lesions, so parents should pay timely attention to the health of the baby, once in addition to fever, cough and runny nose, appear depressed, obvious fatigue, vomiting and other symptoms should be timely medical treatment. Many parents are always worried about how to deal with the baby's cough and phlegm? If the baby's sputum is not sticky, white, easy to cough, and no fever, it should be a common cold, you can take good baby cough and phlegm resolving granules, with the effect of purging the lung, relieving asthma, relieving cough and expectoration. But if the baby's sputum is not easy to cough, the spit is yellow and sticky, accompanied by fever, then it may be bacterial infection, need to use antibiotics.

When upper respiratory tract infection occurs, the nasal mucosa of children has become inflamed. If you inhale dry air again, it will make the nasal cavity more uncomfortable, but also increase the cough. According to the course of the disease, it can be divided into acute cough, subacute cough and chronic cough.
(1) Acute cough It refers to the course of disease less than 2 weeks, mostly in upper or lower respiratory tract infection and asthma aggravation.

(2) Subacute cough It refers to a process of more than two weeks, less than four weeks. In addition to respiratory tract infections, bacterial sinusitis and asthma can also be seen.

(3) Chronic cough The symptoms of cough lasted for more than 4 weeks and were chronic cough.

What if the baby coughs with phlegm? If the initial judgement is common cold, you can give the baby a good doll cough and phlegm resolving granule to try. Hao Wa Zhike Huatan Granule is specially designed for children with cough and sputum symptoms caused by cold and bronchitis. Moreover, Haova cough and phlegm resolving granule is specially designed for children aged 1-12 years. Compared with adult cough relieving drugs, it has more precise dosage and less side effects. Mothers might as well try when they are worried about what to do with their baby's cough and phlegm.

While taking cough-relieving and phlegm-resolving drugs, babies should also be urged to drink more water, but babies must try to drink boiled water, do not drink sugary drinks. During cough, if the body is short of water, the sputum will become thick and not easy to cough. Adding more water will help dilute the sputum and promote the discharge of sputum. Also let the baby eat more fruits, such as pears, grapes, mangosteen and so on.

In addition, when the baby has sputum cough, you can also try to help the baby pat the back to expectorate, the method is to let the baby sit straight or lie down, parents one hand five fingers together, half-clenched into empty fist, wrist force, in the back from bottom to top, from outside to inside, quickly and rhythmically tapping the back, shaking the airway, is conducive to promoting the baby's lungs and bronchial sputum loosening and toward the atmosphere. The tube is discharged.

Parents need not panic and nervous when they encounter the problem of coughing and phlegm. Of course, the above is not to encourage parents not to go to the hospital when the baby is sick "self-treatment", but to preliminary assessment of the baby's condition, to avoid unnecessary upset. But if the baby has a high fever, or cough yellow phlegm, or should be timely to the hospital, follow the doctor's advice to apply antibiotics, while assisting some cough and phlegm-resolving drugs, such as good baby cough and phlegm-resolving granules, while drinking more water, eating more fruit, pay attention to rest, I believe that the baby will soon be better.