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Torture Plaster Painful, Four Ways To Relieve Pain, There Is A Secret Weapon

When we suffer from soreness, many people will use ointment. After all, ointment is a kind of product that has quick effect and economical benefit in many people's eyes. But if you have pasted the ointment, you will have the same experience. That is, when you tear the ointment, you really can't stand the pain. After all, the ointment sticks to our skin very tightly, and when we tear our hair away, the sourness is really not what ordinary people can bear. So what kind of method can let us tear the plaster more quickly, will not feel the pain phenomenon?

Before we apply plaster, we should first avoid some places with more hair, or shave off the place directly, so that when uncovered, there will be no obvious pain. This method is relatively simple. However, the disadvantage of this method is that after a period of time, the place where the hair is shaved will grow new hair when it is more prickly.

If some people have long hair and don't want to shave it off before plastering it, then we have to hold the root of the hair when we tear the plaster, and then tear it clockwise, so that the pain will feel a little less. Of course, if you bite your teeth to open the edge of the ointment, and then tear it off at once, it's OK. However, in this way, a large number of sweat will be pulled out, possibly some parts of the blood beads.

Before applying the ointment, it is appropriate to put some baby oil on the place where the ointment is needed, so that when pulling the ointment, it can fall off very clean and leave no trace. Because there are many small holes in the ointment, applying baby oil can effectively make a certain gap between the skin and the ointment, so it can also help us avoid the pain of tearing.

Before we tear the ointment, we can also apply some moisturizers directly on the ointment. Of course, after applying the moisturizer, we need to wait 20 minutes, until the moisturizer is completely soaked, we can tear it directly without any pain. But it may not be suitable for some quick-tempered partners.

Wind oil essence is one of the most common functions to wake up the brain, so you may not know that it is also a secret weapon when removing the plaster. Apply it to the place where the ointment combines with the skin, and you will find that there is no pain when it is torn off. It can be said that the most practical and painless of the several methods.

Seeing the above methods, little friends should stop worrying about the tearing of ointment. In fact, the editor still suggests that we should pay more attention to our health and use ointment if we are not sick, so that we don't have to worry about how to tear it to keep ourselves from pain.