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New Product !Far infrared cough relief patch for kids


Product Name: Far infrared cough relief patch for kids

Structure&Composition: The product consists of a base fabric, a matrix, and a release paper. The base fabric is made of a non-woven fabric or a polyester-cotton fabric, and the matrix material is prepared by mixing medical hot melt adhesive or rubber and far-infrared ceramic powder in a certain ratio.

Scope of Application: It is applied to the Feiyu point and the Dazhui point.

It is suitable for the auxiliary treatment of an acute or a chronic cough, dry cough, expectoration or wheeze in children aged 1 to 10 years old.

Direction: For external use. Before use, wash and dry skin, take out the patch and remove the anti-adhesion layer, and apply the patch on the affected area: FeiYu Acupoint or DaZhui Acupoint .

Apply 1 or 2 patches to affected area once a day, replace it every 10~12 hours, 7 days for one course of treatment.


1) Severe pneumonia, lung cancer, tuberculosis, severe emphysema, and branch expansion.

2) Serious liver, heart, brain, blood, and kidney system diseases.

3) Respiratory failure, heart failure, emphysema and other complications.

4) Children with mental illness, immunodeficiency and severe malnutrition.

5) Skin allergies.

6) The treatment site is red and swollen, and the injury is disabled.


1. Wash and dry skin before use.

2. If there is skin allergic reaction after use, it should be suspended or replaced with acupuncture points to continue to apply.

3. This product is for external use and and should not be eaten.

4. Children must be under the supervision of an adult.

Storage: Sealed, store in a cool and dry place.

Specification: 2pieces/bag×2bags/box

Manufacturer: Anhui Miao De Tang Pharmaceutical Co. Ltd.

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