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New Arrival! Jin Gu Medicated Pain Relief Plaster


Meditan Medicated Pain Relief Plaster provides powerful efficacious pain relief in a plaster format. It is the only medicated pain relief plaster with anti-inflammatory action available at pharmacy counters.

How it works

Unlike heat patches, the plaster contains an anti-inflammatory. It penetrates deep to the source of pain to provide powerful pain relief. The Meditan Medicated Pain Relief Plaster provides up to two times more powerful deep down pain relief, compared to a non-medicated, non-heated placebo patch. The plaster also provides 12 hours continuous release of the active ingredient to the site of pain. This means the plaster only needs to be applied once in the morning and once in the evening to provide effective pain relief. The plaster format also means the product is very discreet: it is odorless and sticks firmly, whilst being thin and very flexible.