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What do users say about these pain-relieving patches?


Many people from construction workers to school teachers have treated a variety of different pain symptoms using these patches.

One user reports having strained her gluteus medius so severely that she was not able to put any weight on her right leg without the leg entirely collapsing beneath her. After applying a patch to the area for the advised 12 hours she was able to put weight back on the leg.

Many people also experience significant decreases in arthritis pain when they placed the patches on their afflicted areas. They commented that the return on investment is tremendous considering the pain relief that they experience.

Some of the pain-relieving patches have strong aromas. Some of the users didn’t like the smell, while others were not bothered, and some even liked it. That said, if the patch you are considering purchasing has a strong smell, it is something you should consider if you were going to be using it in a close space around other people.

One sciatica sufferer who was so bothered by the pain that he was not able to sleep the night comfortably experienced significant pain relief and a sound sleep after applying the patches overnight.

One user of the salon pause patch commented on their incredible efficacy. The back pain relief was so amazing that she ended up overdoing it a bit and aggravating her condition. So it’s important to realize that these patches may treat the pain symptoms but are not actually curing because of the pain you are experiencing.

The adhesives used on these pain patches can be pretty strong, so you can count on some minor pain when you pull off the patch, particularly if it is been placed on an area with hair. If you are consistently applying the patch in the same area, you may consider shaving that area so that you cannot experience pain when removing the patch.

Many people use these patches for minor aches, only taking them out of the medicine cabinet when they’re experiencing a flareup. Other people who are in chronic pain will be using these patches on a daily basis.

Users who experienced nerve and chronic pain and have found some relief using these pain patches, as well. One user in particular found that the onset of a sharp and intense tingling pain in the left hip was effectively treated by the pain patches and allowed him to live with the pain until he was able to see a chiropractor for medical treatment.

Pain patches are available in different sizes, so make sure when you look to purchase them that you select one that is the right size for your needs.

Some users became especially creative and use scissors to cut up the patches so that they fit better around difficult areas like fingers.

A lot of people recognize that having these pain patches in the medicine cabinet is a great resource should you need them. So even if you are not in acute pain, it’s a wise decision to stock up on these items in the event that you might need them in the future.