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Pain relief patch for all kinds of muscular pains


Once a pain relief patch is applied, the medicine starts releasing through the skin into the applied area within 5 minutes and continues release in a controlled manner for 12 straight hours, therefore giving you instant and long-lasting relief.

Pain relief patch is a waterproof patch that can be applied anytime, anywhere without the mess and smell of sprays / gels. It is easy to apply and does not need massaging / rubbing. It is constituted of a skin friendly adhesive that does not leave any residue when the patch is peeled off.

Where a large portion of oral medicines are digested, pain relief patch is a first of its kind transdermal patch which releases medicine in a targeted manner through the skin. Therefore, majority of the medicine actually reaches the affected area providing maximum relief.

For chronic back pains, either due to injuries or strains, pain relief patch improves blood circulation and soothes the nerve endings thereby providing instant and long lasting relief. Ultra-thin and discreet patch can be easily applied under the shirt on the upper or lower back. Patch once applied, gives relief for an entire day.


For common neck pains due to cervical spondylosis, sprains or stiffness due to long sedentary hours, pain relief patch gives instant relief in neck pains. The stretchable and flexible design of the patch does not restrict mobility of the neck and gives a soothing feeling from the neck to the shoulder.


For all kinds of muscular pains commonly experienced by people leading an active lifestyle or recovering from injuries, pain relief patch, while reducing pain promotes fast healing of muscles by dilating the blood vessels and thereby improving blood flow in the applied region.